“As a lady and minority in male-dominated industry you have to make a presence as much as and as frequently as possible because your ideas are just as valuable.”

Dr. Nateghi was my first statistics professor at Purdue University, and she taught me IE 330 which is Probability and Statistics II. Throughout the course I often would visit her office hours to learn how to use Minitab and R not only for classwork but also just for my own entertainment. For example, I decided to plot all the regressions of factors I thought made a good student. So factors like past semester GPA, hours of sleep, number of days in a week at the gym, were used. Though it was a very rudimentary use to stats my curiosity grew in this field and because I was often in office hours I came to know Dr. Nateghi quite well. She even agreed to do an interview for the BoilerTV show I started my second semester sophomore year to talk about how she got into statistics (see link below).

BoilerTV Interview with Dr. Nateghi