Gen. Robert Shadley is a retired general from the army who currently does consulting for clients such as UPS, Polaris, and Lockheed.

Gen. Shadley talked about how when he graduated high school (1960), this was a year after the Space Race (1959), so the rise of STEM majors was at it’s peak and it was “cool” to be an engineer.

After he came he graduated from Purdue IE, he went to Pittsburgh to work for a glass company. Following that experience he went into active duty for the US Army for 33 years. Finally he started doing the consulting business.

In the beginning of his presentation Dr. Shadley asked the students what they wanted to learn from him and he made a list. Then, he talked through his work experience and eventually touched on the points requested by the students.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway from his talk was how he defined management and leadership.

Management: how to do things through people

Leadership: how to do things through people who don’t want to or are afraid to