“The Sloan Sports Statistics Conference was started by the General Manager of my favorite basketball team and it although it has been around for only a decade, if you’re interested in sports statistics you should look into getting tickets…they sell out fast”

Dr. Andrew Liu was one of my statistics professors at Purdue, he taught me IE 230, which is Probability and Statistics in Engineering I. Strangely enough, I earned a lower grade in IE 230 than IE 330 even though I took IE 330 first, however, Professor Liu didn’t judge me for bombing his second midterm. He still took the time to talk to me about sports statistics in the NBA during his office hours. From this conversation I started doing research on the Sloan Sports Statistics Conference.

Ever since summer’16, I had been contacting the organizers of this event about the ticket release date, and I will be attending the conference for the first time March 3-5, 2017 at MIT!

No Pic No Proof, am I right?