My father always told me, successful people are those who strive to perfect the art of minimizing their resources (money, time, energy) while maximizing their objective gain…

The week before I geared up for spring break, all my friends were constantly asking each other about spring break plans and such. My best friend was going on a short study abroad trip in Rome, and my boyfriend was going on a cruise with all his buddies. With those two important people in life busy for the week, I figured I might as well go on and create my own adventures.

During this week pre-spring break, I noticed an odd and almost uncomfortable pattern of people giving me looks of pity when I told them I was planning to stay on campus for the break. Either they were stuck in the mindset that people had to spend a lot of money and go far to have fun, or they didn’t think I could entertain myself well enough, or both. Therefore, this phenomenon motivated me to start my next project after my Spring C[lE]aning 2017 project

This project was to make an adventure video with scenes only 70 mile radius of campus and spending less than $100 in gas and food during the days of filming in order to the power of an adventurous spirit > promises of exotic views at a high price tag

To teach myself how to film and make the video look good, since this would make people’s first impression on my style/brand on video media, I watched countless YouTube videos on tips for amateurs who plan to use their phones for filming.

Cost: $0

Then I spent a solid $5 on hiking boots from goodwill $5 on a selfie stick and gathered a drawstring bag I already had with other clothing items to keep me warm in preparing for the hikes

Cost: $10

Finally I told one of my friends about this idea and he agreed to drive and make this video with me so with a full tank of gas we plotted out our places to visit. Our destinations were Indiana Potholes, Shades State Park, and Turkey Run

Cost: $50

For the next couple of days we set out around the afternoon like 3pm, and we would be home by 7pm because that’s when the parks closed. The snacks and meals we had added up to about $25 per person

Cost: $25

Finally once we gathered all our clips for the video and started editing the editing app costed $3 to remove the watermark for 12 videos, and iTunes charged me about $2 for the Kygo song I used for my video

Cost: $5

So with everything totaled the cost to produce this amateur adventure video was…

Total Cost: $95

And here is the link of the final product…

Spring Break Vimeo Video Link

I hope the people who view my video do get as much enjoyment as I did from making it. It felt really satisfying to feel myself ride a steep learning curve when it came to learning how to film certain motions with certain lighting and also learning how to edit and make the video flow, and then eventually reach the learning plateau.

More importantly I hope the video is a testament that adventure is everywhere surrounding us for our taking and we don’t have to splurge all our hard-earned money to find beauty.

A little tangent tidbit about this video…

My awesome mentor commented, after I shared my video with him, that in corporate America sharing content through video is becoming a new fad and having a skill in video making and editing is definitely an edge for the work world. He sent me this article  (below) to prove his point and he suggested that I make an video resume, so that will be a future project that I look into.