I’m not typically a procrastinator but after trying to get used to school again, extracurricular activities kicking in, and trying to replace all the IDs/recover all my accounts, I have been putting this part of my research off.

Today at 1:15 I will be meeting with a Professor I had from last semester, Professor Mario Ventresca ( he will probably be featured in the people’s section soon) to discuss my game plan (pun intended) for the research paper I want to submit to SSAC’18.

Having read Scorecasting-The Hidden Influences… By: Tobias Moskowitz and L. Jon Werthem and also doing some digging into past projects in Hindsight is 20/20, I’ve kind of narrowed it down to a “myth” that I would like to debunk in my paper. Hopefully this “fact or fiction” theme isn’t too trite and will actually be one that can spark interesting conversation.

Having a southpaw is rumored in the sports world to give athletes advantages…but to look more into this.

First, I simply googled, “Does being left handed help in sports?”  Here’s interesting articles and graphics I came upon:

The reasoning behind why people voted the way they did on this poll seemed illogical even as I kept scrolling

Anything Left Handed- On Advantages in Sports

-This article was actually the first site that popped up and it was an interesting read. The article attributes the left handed advantage in sports due to “demanding rapid reactions and good spatial judgement.”  It detailed examples such as fencing having an disproportional amount of professionals who are athletes compared to the percentage in the world who are left handed to introduce the theory. Then, it detailed studies in cricket and tennis that prove left handed players have better spatial judgement and reaction time due to the side of the brain they use.  I could see myself perhaps looking less at the human anatomy side of the theory but thinking of a way to calculate reaction time, spatial judgement, or something else more innovative in the sport of basketball, specifically the NBA.

How Stuff Works- The Lefty Advantage

-This article was a less dense read than the article above, and this one was focused more on the anthropology/ and history side of the theory. After rattling off a couple superstar athletes who were left-handed ie. Arnold Palmer and Babe Ruth (even though he wrote with his right hand), the article attributes left handed advantage to genetics, specifically polymorphism. They claim that lefties are born more frequently when the mother is 40+ years of age, which is older than the average age to bear children. because Left-handed people/athletes are rare, (in sports)the opponent is more suited to guarding or playing against a right handed person. I would have to take some time critically thinking about how to design an experiment that frames how much it is lack of familiarity from the opponent that causes the lefties to have an advantage.

NBA- Power Ranking of Top 10 left handed players

-This article I found just googling “Left Handed players in the NBA” because I was curious to see the caliber of “well known” left handed players vs. the players everyone knows, Lebron, Kobe…etc. This article denies that it can determine why left handed players have an advantage but lists the most important top 10. I guess it’s a good thing this topic hasn’t been widely explored.