4/2/17- This meeting is a lot briefer than usual plus we got caught having a conversation with one of the other students in the anvil (detailed in discussion)


-.silver-background {

   background-color: silver;


Change the background of the app


-padding =

.green-box {

   background-color: green;

   padding: 20px;

-To do padding and margin functions on one line, it goes clockwise: top right bottom, left


-The “Map” section in the top right corner indicates our progress and so far we are a little more than halfway through the first cat app section

-Skiing is the new golfing (maybe and the more expensive one)

-Being a student while being an entrepreneur can actually be advantageous because companies think if we can develop this much while balancing school, how much more can we accomplish while its our job

-Having good social media skills is important because there is an increasing number of video applications

-Feast/Famine is how the business world works

-Having someone to do paperwork for applying to grants is an investment to make


So I added to this last Code Camp Sunday because I wanted to be more discrete about this update, but in terms of coding Alex and I did finish all of the HTML courses on Code Camp and we met two more times for JavaScript.

From these strictly platonic and coding-orientated Sunday evening meetings that I had been closely taking notes on, I had failed to recognize in earlier posts (or maybe I was in denial) how compatible Alex and I were intellectually and how we shared the same insatiable thirst to thrive and make something of ourselves.

In a week or so, our 4-month dating anniversary will be coming up and it’s amazing to see such an amazing person, like Alex come into my life, when I was not looking for him, and just pursuing my own goals.

In the beginning, there of course was the fear that if things don’t work out we would loose not only a intimate and wonderful relationship, but also a friendship founded on mutual respect for the other person’s ideas and hard work. However, having been in this for almost a third of a year now I can say it’s been this fantastic feeling–

it feels like…

-rushing to work having gotten to work and not hitting any red lights

-it feels like coming up for water after the first dive

-it feels like the thunder after lightning–electrifying but natural and expected

-it feels like placing the last piece of a 1000 piece puzzle to finish it

According to some psychological study most people get through with the honeymoon phase three months in, but I feel like the bond we share that started off as a coding partnership is still only growing stronger, as well as the mutual feelings.

Anyway I hope this one lasts, especially with such a cute , and I hope Alex doesn’t stumble upon this until I tell him to look at it in due time.