It’s the second to last week day before I am revisiting Professor Mario to discuss my project progress. I’m a little nervous because my other than getting some ideas on how to find databases from the Hackathon (A First for Everything- My first hackathon: BoilerMake 2017), I don’t have any tangible materials to show him.

I’m stuck in this Catch 22 situation where I need to come up with how to test left handed players, so that I know what kind of stats I’m looking for in database, but I also need to look for databases with enough stats, to think of a method to evaluated left handed players.

I know Professors Mario’s opinion is to look at the statistics available first and then determine the variables, but in the huge realm of sports, I feel lost on where to start…But starting is always the hardest part of a enormous task so I guess I’ll start by staring at NBA stats already out there. Hopefully, like my math homework, me staring at the numbers will lead to me discovering a pattern and then eventually a solution.

  1. I googled NBA stats to start and the first thing that popped up was this link Google Search: NBA stats. In this link, it details the rankings of the players in the NBA 2016 season. From this I determined one thing I can look at is out of the top 10 (for now eventually more later) I can do a logistic regression on whether they are left handed or not to determine the probability of left handed players being a top 10 (or whatever number) player.

    Sorry I had trouble with formatting so I just screen-shotted the information that I collected when it was all lined up
  2. Next just looking at the stat sheet I went and identified what each stat acronym          means and thought about WHY each of those categories are listed and how handed-ness would make a difference in performance for each category. (NBA stats)
    screenshot-2017-01-27-at-2-12-21-pm screenshot-2017-01-27-at-4-10-28-pm
     Just a thought…but based on this brainstorm, maybe rebounds since it is done with both hands can be held as the “control group” statistics vs. say blocks. What I could do is correlate left handed player’s performance on rebounds  vs. left handed player’s performance on blocks and see if there’s a significant difference with a T-test.
  3. Usually when I give a speech on something or make an argument in an essay, of the 3 psychologically stable points I try to include, the last one tends to be more sentimental. Here’s a blog I found about the top 10 qualities of a basketball player:
    I am expecting a lot of these points to be more abstract qualities, but I know if I can find a way to quantify one of these abstract traits then my story will be more compelling and entertaining to read.      Here are the traits listed: