I wanted to make a cheat sheet (without boxing jargon) for this upcoming fight, since most of my friends aren’t and haven’t been hardcore professional boxing or MMA (mixed martial arts) fans their whole life.

In the event that you are invited to a watch party (or reluctantly volun-told to pay part of the$100 pay per view fee), you can be prepared to know/share interesting things about the basic background of each boxer or have some valid points to add to discussion:


WHO: Floyd Mayweather, American boxer v. Conor McGregor, Irish MMA fighter

WHEN: Saturday, August 26th

WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada

WHAT: One of the biggest fighting spectacles of all time, with bets involving millions of dollars at stake.

WHY: Other than the spectators using this as a get rich quick methods with their sports bets, each fighter regardless of result will being home at least 100 million dollars



Advantages/Why “we” like him:

-He’s American

-He’s actually a professional boxer, with an unblemished 49-0 record

Disadvantages/Why “we” don’t like him:

-He hasn’t fought in almost 2 years, the last time was the fight against Manny Pacquiao in 2015

-In 2010, his son testified against him in court about him beating his then-wife

-Prior to 2010, he had a history of domestic violence with previous mistresses but each woman mysteriously withdrew their claim before he was found guilty

-He’s homophobic


Advantages/Why “we” like him:

-He’s Irish

-He’s the poster child of underdog in the UFC. He started off as a plumber’s apprentice for his occupation, but his fate changed one night when he tried his hand at fighting at a local fight club. McGregor took home $235 that night (which is way more than what he was making as a plumber’s apprentice). After that, he got hooked/worked hard to make his way up to gain fighting fame and fortune.

Disadvantages/Why “we” don’t like him:

-This will be his first professional boxing match, he’s an MMA fighter which means he’s used to kicking and wrestling in addition to punching (he may not be as familiar with the boxing rules as Mayweather)

-He’s racist


Source: TIME Magazine