Unexpected new for this morning!

Although Friday the 13th is supposed to be considered unlucky, and yes I have had my fair share of unluckiness in the past week (having lost my ID cards and phone at a bar in Dallas my last day of winter break);  I finally found some good news.

In my 8:30am Work Analysis and Design II Class this morning, I opened my email trying to make sure my exec board from my professional board (IISE) sent out a specific email and I couldn’t believe my eyes. After being rejected from NCAA (Making Friends with Failure), I wasn’t too confident ESPN or ticketmaster/ MIT Hackathon people would see my credentials as valid, but maybe I’m back!

Anyway, I feel really honored to have this opportunity, so I plan on signing up for the BoilerMake which is the Purdue Hackathon (hopefully they take me too), and also brushing up on all my computer languages I learned last year in IE 332 (Computing in Industrial Engineering).








To stay updated I’ll make a SSAC’17 Hackathon tag under  Portfolio>Side Projects>SSAC’17 Hackathon projects to log my progress!

SSAC’17 Hackathon > The Objective