I’ve always been a Russell Crowe fan, especially in the Gladiator, I’m not sure why it took me so long to watch the movie, “Cinderella Man,”(even though it’s a five star movie on Netflix)  but I watched it for the first time tonight. It was the ultimate heart underdog movie.

Shortly after finishing the movie, I watched the Dallas Mavericks take on the Los Angeles Clippers, and I couldn’t help but to see the resemblance between the plight of Dirk Nowitzki and Jimmy Braddock in this close victory (complete with a super detestable opponent, Maxie/ DeAndre Jordan).

The fans of the Mavericks, like the people rooting for Jimmy in Cinderella Man, were also going through a great depression. The last back to back win the Dallas Mavericks had this season was on Nov. 6-8 (stat courtesy of the ESPN banner after the game), and their standing is currently #14 in the Western conference with 9 wins and a whooping 21 loses.

In the movie”Cinderella Man,” there was a scene when the press was interviewing Jimmy after he won his last match and was headed to the heavyweight championship against Maxie. One of the reporters asked the protagonist about why he seems like a new man, since his “comeback,” and Braddock casually attributed his lack of performance before they revoked his boxing license to his broken hand. In the same way, Dirk had been out with a sore left Achilles (Mavs Fast Break Reference), and had to miss 14 games prior to this comeback game.

As the game winded down to the last couple seconds the battle between the Dallas Mavericks and the LA Clippers intensified as one team failed to lead by more than three points per play. Unfortunately, my metaphor of Dirk being a Cinderella Man goes a little haywire at this point, because basketball is a team sport and Dirk can afford to rest for a little while Harrison Barnes carries the team on his back; unlike Jimmy Braddock who had to survive all fifteen rounds of the glorious battle to victory.(If you want to really sound like a sports stats writer, I guess you could say Dirk’s 15 minutes of performance is comparable to the 15 rounds Jimmy Braddock was able to fight)

However, the significance comparison of Dirk and Jimmy B. still stands as Jimmy successfully clenches the title of heavy weight championship against Maxie, and Dirk is able to lead the Dallas Mavericks to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers (DeAndre Jordan) with his 17 points in 15 minutes of play time (Basketball Reference- Dirk Nowitzki).

Welcome back Dirk!

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