Statistics are meant to be used to illuminate someone’s argument when it is used effectively.

In today’s world of widespread victimization through social media, everything can be turned politically incorrect; on the flip side everyone can rally behind and become victims. However, stats don’t lie and the way the NBA effectively uses facts and statistics to make an argument that the referees and officials are not racist against Jeremy Lin, is commendable.

The video linked above, shows how various fans, and even respected figures associated with NBA, have commented about how Jeremy Lin was “unfairly treated” because the NBA was “racist.” The footage above can be quite convincing for someone looking for a very biased argument, but the critics also need to take into account that professional basketball is a very physical endeavor, and harsh contact is somewhat inevitable.

The link below is the NBA’s natural response to these allegations:

NBA’s (commendable) official response to racist accusations

The brevity of the NBA’s response is proof of how frivolous these accusations were. This is a lesson for all consumers, whether they are sports fanatics or ordinary people shopping for their weekly groceries. Before making a decision, consumers should always be informed and be able to back up their choice/stance with facts.